Brennan Vincent

Career history

Software Development Engineer I @ Amazon June 2013-2015

Software Engineer @ Facebook July 2015-June 2019

Member of Technical Staff @ Materialize July 2019-Present

Lead Maintainer of


New York City

Contact: brennan at this website's domain name. Attempts to pitch me on services for Materialize will be ignored.


Technical: low-level programming; reverse-engineering; taking things apart to learn how they work; developer tooling; performance and efficiency; BSD-family operating systems.

Non-technical: learning to read foreign languages; Mesoamerican history; movies; books; wasting time on Reddit; cycling to obscure places like Long Island, etc.

Career Goals: get rich enough to retire and drink beer on the beach all day while pursuing the above interests.

Other stuff

How to do various things

The etymology of "umanwizard"