Brennan Vincent

Career history

Software Development Engineer I @ Amazon June 2013-2015

Software Engineer @ Facebook July 2015-June 2019

Member of Technical Staff @ Materialize July 2019-Present

Lead Maintainer of


New York City

Contact: brennan at this website's domain name. Attempts to pitch me on services for Materialize will be ignored.


Technical: low-level programming; reverse-engineering; taking things apart to learn how they work; developer tooling; performance and efficiency; BSD-family operating systems.

Non-technical: learning to read foreign languages; Mesoamerican history; movies; books; wasting time on Reddit; cycling to obscure places like Long Island, etc.

Career Goals: get rich enough to retire and drink beer on the beach all day while pursuing the above interests.

Other stuff

How to do various things

The etymology of "umanwizard"

Avro FAQ

Explanation of Baseball

Various useful things from my .emacs file